Pagan Evolution” was recorded using a mix of instruments and software synthesizers (or softsynths). A softsynth is similar to what you might find in today’s high end keyboards, except all the sounds are stored inside a computer instead of the keyboard. Derek was very particular about the softsynths he used. He chose to use sampled softsynths, where each of the softsynth’s sounds are actual recordings of the instruments. For instance, when you hear the violin playing a solo on Autumn Winds, each note was recorded from an actual violin. It may sound simple but the creators of the softsynths were very precise in making sure their products translate every nuance of the instrument being reproduced. If you’ve already listened to the tracks on “Pagan Evolution” we’re sure you’d be surprised to hear that all the drums, orchestral strings, orchestral percussion, and choirs were written and recorded using softsynth samplers. Go ahead, take another listen.

Jackson PS-4 with custom neck and EMG-81/EMG-85 pickups
used on Son to the Fallen, Olympus, Vendetta & Black Magick
Gibson Les Paul Studio Limited Edition
used on Unsung Hero, Autumn Winds, Destiny's Crusade & Unjust Prophecy
Seagull M12 Gloss (12 string acoustic)
used on all tracks except Rise of the Gods, Vendetta & Black Magick
Guitar Rig
PODxt Live -> Marshall Valvestate VS100 -> Marshall Valvestate 4x12 cabinet
Bass Guitar
Schectar Custom 4
used on all tracks except Rise of the Gods
Bass Guitar Rig
Fender Bassman 150
Software Synthesizers
Garritan Personal Orchestra (orchestral strings and percussion)
used on all tracks
EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
used on Rise of the Gods, Unsung Hero, Autumn Winds & Unjust Prophecy
Toontrack Drumkit from Hell 2
used on all tracks except Rise of the Gods
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