Fallen Shadow Records was founded in 2006 by Derek Cvengros, the guitarist and mastermind behind “Pagan Evolution” and Archaic Revival. After tiring from his “desk job” as an engineer he decided to pursue his real passion…music. He knew he couldn’t rely on mainstream record labels to pursue this dream, so the obvious step was to create his own.

“The problem with most major American record labels is that they typically lack originality. For example, when record company A releases a high selling album from band X, record companies B and C will find a bands Y and Z and mold them to sound like band X because they know that particular sound will sell. Once the American public gets sick of that sound, those records companies will drop those bands and find the next money maker. That’s why you hardly ever see bands that release more than one or two albums on a major record label.

"We want to give bands a chance to show the world what creativity and originality really mean,” continues Derek Cvengros, president of Fallen Shadow Records. “If you have a band with a sound that can’t be compared to something on major radio stations, then the major record labels want nothing to do with you. We, on the other hand, strive to work hard with indie metal artists to come up with music people have never even thought possible.”

Fallen Shadow Records mainly focuses on metal artists that would not be considered mainstream. “We like to work with artists that like to put different spin on metal. It’s hard to define exactly what that spin should be but when we hear it we know it. Take Archaic Revival for example. They blend metal with classical and operatic sounds. Something not many bands have done and few have done well. Our goal is to share our artist’s music with the world,” Derek Cvengros explains the attitude of Fallen Shadow Records.

Pagan Evolution” was the first album released under Fallen Shadow Records and is certainly not the last. “We learned a lot producing this album. Lots of what to do’s, what not to do’s, and a priceless array of knowledge. I’m looking forward to utilizing this knowledge with Archaic Revival on their next album as well as every other artist we work with. We strive to keep expanding our knowledge base for years to come,” says Derek Cvengros.

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