Alexandria Clark

Derek Cvengros

Archaic Revival hails from Detroit, MI, USA. The idea for the group was developed by Derek Cvengros in 2005. His main objective was to create a project with its own sound that did not blend in with the typical mainstream bands of America. The members of Archaic Revival are all very experienced musicians, although in different styles, which makes their sound its own.

Alexandria Clark began her musical study early in life. Her final year in high school was spent studying at the renowned Interlochen Arts Academy under Nicole Philibosian where she received her diploma. She then began studying at the University of Michigan as a student of Daniel Washington. She’s worked with many coaches and teachers including Donna Brunsma and Ron Gentry. She spent several summers as a student at the Michigan Opera Theatre’s opera camp as well as traveling to Italy to study.

Derek Cvengros first started playing guitar at the age of fourteen after convincing his parents he needed something to do over the summer. Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in mechanical engineering he realized his real passion lied in music. He soon came up with the concept for Archaic Revival and began doing research to expand his musical knowledge and skills. Nearly two and a half years after his initial idea, he released Pagan Evolution.

After the release the album, Alexandria and Derek incorporated three new members into the band to play their material live. These members include drummer, Brian McGuckin, keyboardist, Kevin Naeve, and bassist, Loomi. Together, these five musicians have been performing live in the Detroit area, selling albums worldwide, and writing new material. Look for a second Archaic Revival album to come out soon!

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