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When you take this album as a whole and the work that song writer Derek Cvengros has put into it, and on the budget I'm sure he never had, then you have to treat this album as a major success. Sure, it's not going to give Therion mainman Christofer Johnsson sleepless nights about someone stealing his crown, but it might do to in a year or so.
Steve Green

Have you ever wondered what the Lord of the Rings soundtrack would sound like if it were written by a metal band? And even if you haven’t, you’re wondering now, aren’t you? Well, “Pagan Evolution” is your answer!

Go ahead, use your imagination. That’s what Archaic Revival did. The renowned female fronted Detroit metal band took those images and came up with something to be experienced.

Imagine yourself riding through the land of Rohan, marching towards the fields of Minas Tirith, or facing a horde of goblins in front of the Black Gate. Now take these visions and put them into heavy metal music.

You may be tempted to go crank up your Marshall and start playing along to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. But, come on, there’s no reason to attempt to “rebuild the wheel.” Archaic Revival’s debut CD, “Pagan Evolution,” is all you need. A remarkable collection of songs that will make you believe you’ve been transported to Middle Earth.

Metal Meets Classical...

An odd concept, isn’t it? Really it’s quite simple. Just take the best parts of metal, mix them with the best parts of classical, and you end up with “Pagan Evolution.”

Archaic Revival uses the thick guitars and heavy drums you’d expect find in heavy metal and combines them with a soothing string orchestra and angelic choir then tops it off with a powerful soprano vocalist. A very strange combination it may seem, but the music speaks for itself.

Pagan Evolution” is not the typical metal you’d expect to hear. From the mellow guitar and string quartet in Autumn Winds to the head banging power metal riffs of Vendetta to the epic journey of Unjust Prophecy, the album explores all emotions. It will send you flying through a magical voyage, making use of all your senses.

But beware, “Pagan Evolution” may change the way you look at metal.

You've read this far, so we're guessing you're curious how these songs sound...

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Lord of the Rings
gone metal.
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Bottom line is this -- play this, play it loud, allow it to completely overtake you, allow yourself to become immersed in the storyline, become part of the vocals, the strings, the incredible guitar work, and feel your heart begin to race as the opening drum line of the opening track, "Rise of the Gods," takes you away to a far off place.
Franco Wissa
Hardrock Haven

The music is highly symphonic with the use of strings and keyboards, but is still firmly metal, with Power metal riffs that fit in excellently with the rest of the music. All music is composed and played by one man, which is an impressive achievement. Mainly because he seems to be equally brilliant with all the instruments he plays.
Roel de Vrind

For a self-made, self-produced, debut, PAGAN EVOLUTION is quite lavish in its scope. Cvengros shows himself to be a songwriter of great potential....For fans of this type of music, PAGAN EVOUTION is an album worth checking out. By doing so you may just be getting in on the proverbial ‘ground floor” of an artist and act that has the potential to really take off.
The Crimson King
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